About Us

Eliot Astoria is a passionate blogger and data enthusiast who loves to explore the world through the lens of statistics. He has years of experience working with data analysis and analytics in various companies, giving him a unique perspective on the power of numbers and trends. In addition to his professional experience, Eliot also has a passion for photography, travel, and experiencing new cultures.

Professional Background

Eliot Astoria’s professional background is rooted in data analysis and analytics. He has worked in many different roles across various companies that all had to do with numbers, trends, insights, and understanding powerful data sets. His knowledge of this field has given him an invaluable advantage when it comes to looking at statistics from a unique perspective.

Passion for Photography & Travel

In addition to his professional background in data analysis, Eliot also has a passionate love for photography and travel. He loves to capture moments from around the world in his photographs. Eliot also enjoys traveling to far off places and experiencing new cultures first hand through his travels.

Exploring the World Through Data

Eliot Astoria’s blog focuses on exploring the world through data. By combining his professional experience with his passion for photography and travel he is able to provide readers with an insight into how data can be used to understand our world today better than ever before.